The Perfect Vegan Taco Bell Order TACO TUESDAY

Yes, you read that right. Vegans can eat Taco Bell too! My boyfriend and I actually go to Taco Bell quite frequently. We've found that this order is the best bang for your buck and it's so filling.


  • Frito Burrito
  • Substitute Beef for Fiesta Potatoes
  • No Nacho Cheese
  • Add Refried Beans
  • Add Guacamole
  • Add Tomatoes
  • Add Red Sauce
And that's it!!! This burrito has rice and Frito bits already in it. The rice, beans, and potatoes really make you full after just one burrito, but we typically get two each just because they are soooo good. If you want to amplify the flavor even more, get some medium hot sauce packs at the drive through window. The flavor combo is incredible. Also, the cinnamon twists are vegan too! When we order the 4 Frito Burritos, we normally get a Baha Blast too, and the order is roughly around $11. I hope you enjoy this insider tip for Taco Tuesday!

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