10 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Morning

  1. Fill Your Reusable Water Bottle

    • Most people drink water when they first wake up. Take it a step further by filling up your reusable water bottle and setting it by the door, ready to go. It’s easy to forget your water bottle in the early hours of the morning. This quick step ensures that you won’t have to buy plastic water bottles throughout the day. If you don't currently have a reusable water bottle, we have some that we know you will love: https://ourgreenspacellc.com/collections/mugs-water-bottles
  2. Start the Morning with a Plant-based Breakfast

    • This step will not only provide you more nutrients, but it will also help the planet on a larger scale. Processed foods require more natural resources to manufacture, along with the wasteful packaging the food is sold in.
  3. Switch From K-Cups and Starbucks to an Old-Fashioned Coffee Maker

    • It may not sound so glamorous at first, but switching to a coffee maker eliminates the extra waste that K-Cup pods and disposable coffee cups create. Also, when you skip the drive to Starbucks, you skip the extra pollution emissions from driving.
  4. Take Less Showers

    • Taking less showers saves your hair, your money, and the environment by using less water. You may want to try using an all-natural dry shampoo to help with excessive hair oils. Taking less showers will also save you time in the morning!
  5. Reuse Shower Towels

    • All you need to do for this step is hang up your towel after using it, so the towel will be dry and clean for the nest use. This step saves water and money by creating less laundry to wash. Better yet, when you choose to upgrade your old towels, switch to bamboo fiber towels: https://ourgreenspacellc.com/collections/bathroom-linens
  6. Switch to Green Beauty Products

    • Most drug store beauty products are full of unfriendly chemicals that hurt both your skin and the environment. Investing in a few green beauty products will be worth it once you notice how healthy your skin looks. Check out our beauty products here: https://ourgreenspacellc.com/collections/beauty
  7. Keep a Reusable Grocery Bag in Your Daily Commute Bag

    • Find a reusable bag that can easily fold up and store it in the bag you use every day. Any time you make an extra stop, you will have this bag with you to carry your purchases. Keeping the reusable bag in your purse, or daily commute bag, is much easier than running out to your car because you forgot to get it before going into the store. We have plenty of options to choose from, click this link: https://ourgreenspacellc.com/collections/bags
  8. Keep a Reusable Cloth in Your Daily Commute Bag

    • Storing a reusable cloth in your bag is perfect for spills or any messes that may happen throughout the day. Washing the cloth is easy once it has been soiled, or it can be replaced for a day by another reusable cloth. The cloth can be fancy, or just a rag works to. The point is to start using more reusable items, rather than disposable ones such as paper towel.
  9. Unplug Before Leaving the House

    • Make sure all unnecessary electronics are unplugged, and lights are turned off before leaving the house for the day. This helps save money, energy, and natural resources.

  10. Carpool to Work

    • It may not be possible for everyone to carpool, but you should try to any chance you get. Carpooling helps the environment by saving fossil fuels and reducing air pollution. It can also help you save money too!

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