10 Simple Ways to Live Green

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Speaking of Reusable…
10 Ways to Live Green #1-4

Consumable items are fun, nifty, and spark a joy in us. Have you ever thought about why though? It’s because they are designed to create those feelings and emotions! Don’t let companies deceive you like that and chose to reuse instead. Some things you can reuse include:

1.Everything you already own

It’s pretty simple actually, but for those of you who are like me and tend to be list oriented… here are some actual items that are commonly reused.

2.Anything glass like candle jars, water bottles, plates etc..
3.Clean your throw away items like paper/plastic plates and zip-lock bags to reuse them.

4.Cloth can be washed many times… until it falls apart. Who needs paper anymore?

If you, like most people including myself, always forget reusable grocery bags… try reusing the plastic grocery bags for another purpose. At least they can be reused one last time, right? Who am I kidding, plastic bags are terrible, terrible, and more terrible… don’t use them at home kids.  Did you know that the bags do not breakdown and they are filling our landfills.  They are also huge culprits for getting into our waterways and killing our sea creatures.   Just a little food for fact!

Ditch the Paper!
10 Ways to Live Green #5

Most of the time, we will see a small spill to clean up in the kitchen and tare off a fresh piece of paper towel only to throw it right away. Try avoiding this bad habit by keeping an old rag of any kind in the kitchen for occasional spills. Once the rag is completely soiled rinse out the yuckies and throw it in the washing machine to use for another day!

If paper towels are a must for your household, there are cloth paper towel alternative out there. The fancy ones come with snaps and can go on the same paper towel holder that you have at home. The same method applies with these reusable towels as does with the clean rag approach, however just on a larger scale as most of them have at least 15 reusable towels in a snap-on roll.

We get it… Cloth is Reusable
10 Ways to Live Green #6-7

I may be sounding like a broken record, but here me out. I don’t think we consider cloth napkins as a fun, personalized, stylistic choice, but we should. Beyond the reason of cloth napkins being the better choice for our planet, you can customize them any way you want. If you don’t want to spend money, (#6) cut up old dish towels or even cotton t-shirts. You can create a DIY project out of it and have your kids (and/or yourself) draw on the napkins to further the personalize. When you wash them, whatever colors you used may wash out a bit… but your napkins might turn out to be a trendy tie-dye pattern! Jokes aside, (#7) there are also an array of cloth napkins from cheap to fancy that fit any occasion.

10 Ways to Live Green #8-10

Humans love to celebrate anything and everything. We have even come up with some hilarious celebrations like “National Pie Day” or “National Boyfriend Day”. Don’t get me wrong, appreciation for your significant other is very important… but national boyfriend day? Anyways, I digress… My point is, if humans celebrate everything, than why not celebrate sustainability? I’m sure there are some weird national days where a select group of people celebrate sustainability, but I only ever hear about Earth Day (which is still VERY important).

I think we should celebrate Sustainable Sunday! (#8) Instead of driving to church, try to carpool, walk, or even ride bikes. After all, the planet seems like it would be very high on God’s agenda to protect.

Another idea of celebration (#9) is to make a zero waste dinner with the family. Try and buy foods with limited packaging: whole foods tend to be the best option and can be purchased with no package at all! Bring out the reusable napkins, kitchen towels, plates, and glassware. Celebrate the fact that sustainability is something to be proud of. (#10) Sustainability is a positive, happy activity that can be passed down through the family, and it can for sure be celebrated in a variety of ways!

To Recap.. Here's the List!

10 Ways to Live Green #1-10

1. Reuse ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you already own

2. Reuse anything made out of glass like candle jars, water bottles, and mason jars
3. Clean your throw away items like paper and plastic plates and zip-lock bags to reuse them.

4. Reuse any and all kinds of cloth you have at home for cleaning rags.

5. Purchase dedicated cloth towels for paper towel alternatives, if necessary for your household.

6. Create and personalize cloth napkins from old kitchen towels or cotton t-shirts.

7. Buy new cloth napkins to replace the use of paper napkins.

8. Carpool, walk, or even ride bikes to a typical activity once a week (more is better in this scenario!).

9. Make a zero waste dinner with the family: buy foods with little to no packaging.

10. Teach sustainable ways to the younger generations, or anyone who needs it. 



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